Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Major Setback

Got the results today.  It's my Achilles. (Isn't that what I've been telling the doctor for over 3 months now!)  Good news he said, I don't need surgery.  Bad news, I can't run.  He's sending me to physical therapy for a month to see if it helps.  If not, then he will go in with a needle to make the tendon bleed to promote healing.  Doesn't that sound fun!

I am so bummed.  I need to continue to run.  I have to start my marathon training in August.  In order to be ready to start my marathon training in August, I need to be running now.  Do you get my issue here?!

The doctor said he understood I wasn't hearing anything but bad news.  He stated he realized he took away my "crack."  But I could do the elliptical or ride a bike for exercise.  That's when I started pouting and said "I hate the elliptical!"

So now I'm wallowing in self pity.  It's leading to this...

Yep, drowning my sorrows in Diet IBC Root Beer!  This really sucks.

1 comment:

  1. ooooh the Achilles. I've heard thats a dangerous one to mess around with. When left untreated, it can completely snap, so I'm so glad you got it checked out when you did!

    sorry for the bad news, but maybe you'll develop a love for the bike that you never knew you had before?