Friday, June 11, 2010


You ever feel like that?  Today was suppose to be my "off" day.  But yesterday I ate bad BBQ for lunch and felt bad all evening.  So I switched my days.  Got home today after a busy day at work and was beat.  So tired I tried to lay down and take a power nap.  Didn't work very well.  I was just NOT motivated to run.  Plus it is windy and hot and humid and etc.  I could think of so many excuses not to get my butt out there.  But I put my running clothes on and headed out.  I haven't missed a run in three weeks.  This was not going to be the first just because I didn't "feel" like it.

I took a different route on my blacktop today.  For some reason, I've never ran the opposite way.  I think the biggest reason is there are residences that way and I'm not sure about dogs.  But today was the day to find out.  Only saw one dog at a cattle/trucking place.  Dog didn't care one bit that I was running by.  Hardly raised his head to acknowledge me.  That makes me happy.

I came across a skunk on my trek.  I didn't ever see it but I could smell it.  I just told it to stay where it was and I would stay where I was.  No issues there.  Almost back to the truck, I encountered another critter.  A SNAKE!  Luckily, it was just a lil green grass snake, about 2 foot long.  It slithered so quickly across the road in front of me that I couldn't even get a picture.

But all in all, a run can't be that bad if it ends like this...


Today's run: 25 min
Pace: 10:31


  1. What an awesome way to end a run. I love first morning runs watching the sun rise.

  2. Whew, glad the husband wasn't with you when you saw the snake! He'd a left ya in his dust! Good for you for getting out there and runnin anyway! I had another bad eatin' day today..seems like that's all I have anymore...sigh. I think I've got a heavy duty hormonal imbalance and am going to make a doc appt. next week to try and get it figured out. Anywho, good for you girl! :)

  3. Aww sorry you were feeling yucky yesterday! I'm glad you found the strength to get out to run tonight!!

    The picture is beautiful!!

  4. Girl I think its awesome that you are running a marathon... I would love to be able to do that but I hate to run! I had to tell you my spurs have the same initials on them as yours do and I love them on your running shoes! just thought it was funny mine say the same thing!

  5. Awesome picture! It is always nice to see some other scenery if your running! Good that you didn't encounter anything really nasty ;)