Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm So Miffed!

I was all ready for my run today.  My last run was great.  Today it was raining and cool.  Perfect for a jog.  With Mike (Iphone) in hand, I headed out.  As I'm running down my blacktop, I see white up ahead.  White?  Please tell me they didn't!  Please!  Sure enough, I get up to the "white" and the county had covered the top of the blacktop road with rock!  Now my nice smooth running path is a rocky, ankle twisting maze.  I was so mad!

After I got past that section, I continued on my way.  Then sure enough, there's more!  I hate it.  I have to slow down to a crawl.  If a vehicle comes, I have to stop all together cause I can't safely run on the side of the road with all the large loose rocks.  And how many vehicles passed me today......record setting 6 (4 trucks, 1 car and a semi)!  What the heck!

Doesn't that look like a mess to run thru!  Well, it is.  I came home and called the husband.  He asked what I was going to do about it.  I asked if he would take the tractor and scrap it up!

On a positive note, I'm officially entered in the White Rock Marathon!!!

Todays run: 30 minutes
Pace: 10:10


  1. That sucks! There is a tiny section of my running area that has huge rocks in it....guess they didn't have any ca6 to put down and had to substitute with boulders. Hope you figure out a solution and that you don't hurt yourself in the meantime! Congrats on getting all entered!

  2. I hate it when they do that! One of the back roads I go on they did something similiar except it made it really soft and muddy and I had to go the longer way around because I drive a sissy car because of when gas prices went up and it would throw the car all over heck. I do have a truck but it just happened to be in shop at the time of that (go figure!) Good luck in the race and the prep for it. It still looks like you have a pretty nice view while you are running!