Sunday, June 13, 2010

Longer Run

I put my longer run off till this morning.  I thought it might be better to run it in the morning instead of yesterday evening.  The wind has been blowing and the humidity has been horrible.  Figured at least I would have cooler temps in the AM.  Come to find out, I don't think it would have mattered.

I was fighting my head today.  About half way thru, I wanted to stop.  Just kept tellin' myself there was no good reason to stop.  I was only tired.  Nothing wrong.  Then I thought about Navy Wife and her last post.  She talked about the same thing and training her mind for mental endurance.  Well, I had a lot of training to do today!  My mental endurance sucked!  But I took it in small increments.  Just do 5 more minutes, than 5 more.  Finally I hit the finish.  I have lots of work to do by December.

On another note, my achilles is still giving me fits.  The husband wants me to go back to the doctor.  I say no because he will most likely make me quit running again.  I know, I don't make sense.  But I don't want to get sidelined.  If it gets really bad, I'll go back.  Until then, I deal with it.  (I so sound like the husband when he was riding!)

Run time: 40 mins
Pace: 10:69

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  1. Sweetie Pie, I hate to be the voice of reason, but if it's giving you fits now, you are better off to go to the doctor NOW. If it's hurting already it's only going to get worse, not better......LOL! Damn me and my stupid logic...... Love ya and HUGS