Monday, June 14, 2010


I stepped out of the truck today and noticed the ground move!  Seriously, I had to take a second look.  Realized it was grasshoppers.  Grasshoppers EVERYWHERE.  I knew I would need my ninja moves along this run.  Sure enough, I was bombarded.  They attacked me from every side.  A few grabbed hold but not for long.  I think they were trying to take me down!  Are grasshoppers carnivores?  I'm almost certain these were!

Anyhow, my run was good.  My tempo was much better today.  But my leg was hurting.  It hurt all day.  I tried stretching out good before my run.  Used my rubber band and everything.  I think it made it hurt worse.  So now I'm icing it.  Maybe that will help.  I'm gonna pick up an ankle brace tomorrow.  I saw on WebMD that immobilizing may help.  See I went to a doctor, Mr. WebMD!

On a side note, I lost 3 lbs last week.  Magically, when I count the calories I put in my mouth, my butt gets smaller!  Wow, what a concept!

Time: 25 minutes
Pace: 9.79


  1. I am totally LMAO over that last sentence!!!

  2. I've totall got to get back aboard the WW train. And it IS amazing that when we eat LESS, our bodies respond. And when we eat more they RESPOND as well........! Puleezzzeee be careful! I don't want to see George pushing you in a wheelchair in this marathon!

  3. Grasshopper invasion, ugh! You take care of that leg of yours, you have only two!