Sunday, June 6, 2010

Calorie Counting

Yep, I went back to loggin' my food.  I found it to be the best way for me to control my eating.  I'm tired of low fat this, no sugar that.  When it comes down to it, it's all about calorie intake and calorie burn.  So I've set a limit to the amount of calories I'm allowing myself to take in daily.  My goal is 1200-1300 a day.  I'm eating a lot more veggies and fruit to keep my hunger at bay while taking in less.  It has been going extremely well.

I started my food journal off the old fashion way, carrying a piece of paper around, writing down everything and the calorie count.  But then, I got an I Phone yesterday!!!! Holy crap, it's awesome (and only $97 at Wal-Mart!)!!  I got an app called My Fitness Pal.  I log what I eat and it keeps track of everything.  Best thing ever!

I have followed my running plan to the T.  Haven't skipped out on one run yet.  There have been a few days when I really didn't want to get out there, but I kicked myself in the butt.  Once I was running, I was glad with my decision.  I'm not real happy with my progress.  Seems like I'm still struggling.  I've been running the same stretch of black top road for two weeks now.  Doesn't seem any easier.  That gets me a little discouraged.  But I'm gonna stick with it.

I've also decided on the marathon I will run.  It's the Whiterock in Dallas, scheduled for December 5th.  It will be a week after my 34th birthday.  What's a better way to celebrate?!  I also found out that the race benefits the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.  They allow people to sponsor a runner by making donations.  So I have set up a donation page.  I figure I might as well make the most out of this.  It should benefit someone else besides me.  I will be putting a link to the site in the near future.

Besides that, nothing new.  Thought I would share a few pics of my running path with ya.

Here's where I start...

My usual audience...

The harvested wheat fields...

Headed back...

More onlookers...

The finish line.  My truck waiting patiently for me.

I live about a half mile down the caliche road.  You may wonder why I drive to where I run.  Well, let me just say, I'm not the most graceful person.  I tend to hurt myself on the most mundane things.  It's best that I don't jog on caliche.


  1. Girl, you will get there cause you want it! Let me know where the donation page is and I'll make a donation. I'm going to have to google caliche, cuz I ain't got a clue what it it! That app for your iphone sounds awesome! I finally ordered me an ipod and can't wait to get it.

  2. Hi! Found ya on 'Run Fat Girl. Run.' and its nice to see someone who is at the same point in their running as I am. A lot of my other blog reads are into their 2nd marathon already. It can be intimidating! I'd like to add you to my list so we can journey to 26.2 together. :-D


  3. I want so bad to start eating healthier and it is hard when you like all the bad stuff ;) I love the picture of the wheat fields! Keep up the good work!