Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Answer to Your Question...

I got a question about how much weight I lost.  Navy Wife was very sweet and said I didn't have to answer.  But really, I'm an open book.  It doesn't bother me.  So first let me say I am 5'7".  Now let's get to the numbers!

So in late December, when I decided to start running again, I weighed 164 lbs.  I couldn't even find a picture of me during that time.  Guess I made a point not to have it taken!

The "heavier" picture in the last post was on February 20th.  I was down a few pounds to 157.6 lbs.

Then on June 3rd, I started My Fitness Pal and counting calories.  At that time, I was 153.6 lbs.  I had been running but was having no luck with losing.  I mean from February to June, I only lost FOUR pounds!

The "skinnier" picture is me at 138 lbs.  My goal is 135.

So what does that translate into clothing sizes.  Well, I went from a size tight 10 to a perfect 4!

**Achilles news....I went back to physical therapy yesterday.  We started back at square one.  I'm still very stiff and sore from the procedure.  They added ultrasound to my treatment yesterday.  Go back in the morning.  Fingers crossed and prayers that this is going to work.**


  1. awww, your honesty and openness are refreshing!

    I think you look perfect in your current weight. Your body wants to be a size 4. A lot of the time we want to be smaller than our bodies want to be. But I think 135-140 is probably your "happy weight."

  2. You are beautiful girl, but I've told you that before! I somehow missed this post! You go to the doc tomorrow don't you??