Friday, September 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad & Well....

There ain't no ugly around here!  haha  I've been gone from this blog for awhile.  Not much to write about on my running blog when I'm NOT running!  I wanted to give those that care (all two of you, well, that might be pushin' it) an update.

Today was full of highs and lows.  I think I'll start with the lows.  I went back to the doctor today for my one month check up following the needling procedure.  I've had increased pain since the procedure and have had to take recovery pretty slow.  So my prognosis wasn't good.  The doc said 80% of people with Achilles problems get back on their feet after 6-8 weeks of rest, ice, etc.  The other 20%, are like me.  Tendons just don't heal and it takes FOREVER to get better.  How lucky am I?!  I relayed my frustrations to him and he was empathetic.  He said we just have to keep on the same path and hope that it gets better with time.  The next aggressive procedure would be taking my own blood, spinning it out to just platelets and injecting them directly into the tendon.  It's a new procedure that most insurance companies don't cover.  He charges $600 to have it done.  So I'm gonna stay with my physical therapy program and keep my fingers crossed.  He did have the athletic trainer make a pad for the back of my heal.  My shoes tend to rub on my tendon and cause more pain throughout the day.  I'm hoping that will quit exacerbating the pain and increase the healing process.

I did ask him if I could participate in a mud run that I entered months ago.  He said YES!  He warned me that I would hurt afterwards but I should go have some fun.  I think he could really tell that I'm about to lose it.  He told me to get a pair of soccer cleats and wear clothes that I don't mind throwing away.  Of course, I went straight to Academy and bought those cleats.  They had some on clearance for $9.98!

So the mud run decision was a positive but so was this...

I reached my goal weight today!!!!  Yep, I'm down to 135 and couldn't feel better.  I started back to the gym last week.  Spend the majority of my time lifting weights.  I do some on the elliptical machine too.  I really want to get toned.

The husband just HAD to take my picture this morning before I left for the doctor.  I was going to the gym afterwards.  I don't usually wear this outfit to town.

The husband was telling my how to pose.  Which hand to put where and which foot to put in front.  It was pretty funny.

Hope all you're running/weight loss/healthy eating goals are going well!  Until next time, peace out!


  1. Whoo hoo hooo! You are one hot mama!! I don't blame The Husband one little bit. I hope he makes it all better tonight when you both get home (I'm waggling my eyebrows at you and leering suggestively but you can't see me)! Seriously woman you look amazing and I'm very happy for you reaching your goal weight! Have lots of fun at the mud run and may I recommend some Absorbine horse linament for an after run rub! Please have somebody take lots of pics for us!

  2. Wow! You look great!!(not that you didn't before) I have to say. I was inspired by you to start my own calorie counter. I did pretty darn good today. I also timed myself running today and I was running a 7 minute mile (pushing a stroller with a 25lb kid in it)! I didn't even run that in high school. I am feeling pretty good about that. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Girl you look HOT HOT HOT!!! I hope you get things healed so you can get back to what you love!! That's such great news about the run!

  4. Congrats on reaching your goal!! You look great and I will be keeping my fingers crossed about that tendon! Keep up the good work!