Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've Been a Bad Girl

Tomorrow is my last day of therapy.  Next Tuesday is my follow-up doctor's appointment.  So my reasoning says I need to do some running to see how things are progressing.  Right?  That's sounds logical, doesn't it?  Therapy has been difficult for me.  At the beginning of every session, my girl asks how my achilles feels.  And of course I tell her fine.  Then add, but I'm not running so it should feel fine.  I mean really, how is it suppose to feel when you're not doing the one thing that aggravates it!  I told the Husband last weekend I don't think it's better.  It just doesn't hurt because I'm not running.  I know the minute I start running again, the pain will return.

I wanted to be able to tell my therapist and doctor the facts so I decided I would give it a short jog today.  I have been good the entire time and did what I was told.  But I think they need this information to see how I'm doing.  You know what I found out....when I got to about a mile, the pain started.  Only slight twings but still it was coming on.  I decided to walk from that point further.  I was right.

So now where do I go from here?  As I was running, I thought maybe I could do the Jeff Galloway run/walk program for the marathon.  That could possibly help out.  Maybe?  I found a marathon in January that I REALLY want to do.  I AM going to do it.  I'll pass up the one in December but my heart is set on the one in January.

Gonna talk to the therapist tomorrow and see what the doctor has to say on Tuesday.  I really don't see much coming out of either one. :o(


  1. Oh baby, this Ozark farm chick had a injured Achilles a year ago and it took months before I could rock up on my toes and hold yoga poses without pain. I feel for you girl, take care and don't re-injure the dang thing!

    From the sunny hills of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!! :o)

  2. Sweety pie you've got to give it time........I know you don't want to hear that and I'm only saying it cause I'm all the way up here in Illinois and you can't go all Ju Jitso on my ass, but it's true. You've got to be patient and let it heal fully, then you'll be doing that marathon! ;) Love ya!