Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frustrated Runner, That Be Me!

Monday, I reached my limit.  I couldn't twiddle my thumbs anymore.  I had my follow-up doctor's appointment set for Tuesday and I wanted to provide him with valid information.  So I got back on the treadmill.  This time I walked 1/2 mile, ran 1/2 mile, walked 1/2 mile, ran 1/2 mile, etc. for 2 1/2 miles.  Achilles felt fine walking, hurt running.  But it was bearable.  Then it hit me, I could do this for an entire marathon!  I was completing a mile in 12:50.  That wouldn't be a great marathon time by any means but still under time limits.

Oh, my physical therapist told me I needed arch supports in my running shoes to keep from pronating so much.  I knew I had gotten really bad about rolling my feet in when I ran.  So I went to Academy to pick up insoles and new shoes.  I figured I may have already ruined the pair I had been wearing since January.  Didn't want to take any chances.  Plus who doesn't love new running shoes!

Saw my doctor Tuesday.  I think he hates to open the room door and see me sitting there.  He asked if I was improving.  I told him apparently NOT since it still hurt when I ran even though I've been off of it for a month.  He told me I could continue PT and see what happens or take a more aggressive approach.  He said most runners get very frustrated and want to go to the next option.  HELLO, FRUSTRATED RUNNER HERE!

So my next step is this....dry needling.  Basically, he's going to go in with a needle, poke the tendon to make it bleed thus accelerate the healing process.  The tendon does not have much blood flow so that's why it takes so long to heal.  This will hopefully speed up the process by making blood go to the region.  Sounds like loads of fun, huh!

I asked him what the odds were that this would work.  He said most people see an 80% improvement!  Fingers crossed I'm like most people.  I scheduled the procedure for next Friday.  He said it's best to do it before a weekend so you can lay around for a few days afterward.  Then I will start PT two weeks following that.

On a racing note, I contacted the marathon I entered in December.  Asked to transfer my registration from the marathon to the half marathon.  They said that would be fine.  I figure I will be more likely to complete that than the full.  I hope!


  1. Good luck girl! I hope it works! ;)

  2. Good luck to you and I sure hope is works, don't sound like much fun though!