Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running on a Country Road

You really never know what you're going to come across.  Today they were harvesting the wheat along my joggin' trail.  So, using my brain, I decided not to use the IPod and pay attention.  You know, semis, tractors, pickups and a combine might need to be paid attention too.

Luckily, the combine was in the back of the field when I went by the first time.  The trucker said hello as I passed.  I think he thought I was a nut.  On my return trip, they were unloading the wheat into the trailer.  As I went by this time, the trucker said "Isn't it a little hot for that?"  I just yelled "oh yea!"  Then laughed and jogged on.  It was only in the mid-80s.  But if I wait much longer, it will be dark.

And why is it when I run past a cow, I have to say "hey moo moo?"  I do, almost every time.  Something's wrong with me.

Run time: 24:45


  1. Don't feel bad, my mother can't drive by a field of horses with out pointing it out to me. Even if we have been past the same pasture 1000 times. Or sheep...she go's hey sheep sheep sheep. Drives me nutty. (short drive)

  2. I always say hello to my cows in the morning and evenings!! Stay safe on that run of yours, there can be some nut out there:)