Monday, May 24, 2010

I Need Support

A support system is so freakin' important when you undertake such a challenge.  I've had a lot of people over the years tell me I need a workout buddy or a running partner.  Thing is about me, I don't like relying on someone else when I'm doing my thing.  Is that strange?  I'm really a solo act.  I don't like scheduling times and having to make conversation.  When I workout or run, I want to do it when I want to do it.

With all that said, I still need a support system.  Luckily, I have the Husband.  He's awesome.  This running thing is not new to him.  I've been running for many years now.  At first, he wanted to run with me.  But I nicely asked him not to.  I wanted "my thing".  Something that I was good at.  I knew if he ran, he would be better than me.  He was sweet enough to step down and let me have it.

The Husband has been known to drive next to me, be my water station and my cheering section.  He puts up with me needing to get my run in before we can go do whatever it is we need to do.  He calms my nerves before races.

The best example of his support was when I ran a half marathon.  He was waiting around mile 9 for me.  I was not doing well.  Gettin' down on myself.  He encouraged me to push on.  Then he started joggin' with me.  Only thing was, he was wearing wranglers, cowboy boots and a carhart jacket!  Once we realized he couldn't turn around to get to the finish line, he ran the rest of the way with me!  At the last water station, a volunteer yelled to me "Is that man bothering you?"  I just laughed and told them no.  Guess they thought he was some sort of crazy stalker or something!

So with my support system, I'm working on developing my base.   I'm running for time instead of distance.  I plan to do this for about a month before I start increasing my mileage.  
Today's run:  25 minutes


  1. Kit! I found the PERFECT race for you in this months Self magazine! It's called Nike Women's Half Marathon and Marathon and it apparently has nice "swag" too...(the blurb from the magazine)"You'll tackle the hills of San Francisco, but keep your eyes on the prize: Upon crossing the finish line, racers are handed a Tiffany & Co. finisher's necklace. By firemen. Wearing Tuxedos. Seriously."

  2. Time is good! My brother, a former big 12 champion and record holder in the indoor mile at UT (he also ran XC there) says interval training is really important when you're training for distances. Keep up the good work!

  3. I feel the same way about the solo act thing. That is wonderful that The Husband is such a support system for you! You can do this Kit and I'm so proud of you for taking it on! :)